Warriors-Clippers pregame: Curry’s deep range, pushing pace vs LA’s meticulous offense

Kerr: GSW “tried hard” to get Batum; Lue bond

Here are notes & quotes from pregame Warriors-Clippers with Tyronn Lue and Steve Kerr. More videos being uploaded to our YouTube channel as we speak (first one on Stephen Curry’s range is above and clickable), so be sure to check back on the channel. This article is free, as we get back into the season after a loss (at Phoenix last week).


- Steph revolutionized? “I’d have to think about that…definitely left his Mark…best shooter ever to play the game…at his size…definitely changed the game.”

- Kerr: “our relationship became a lot better once we went to the Finals…always the first one to reach out to me when things are bad (and Brad Stevens, when fired, health issues)…we just have that bond and connection…gained that respect for each other (Finals).”

- everyone still available? “Yes sir.”

- did you watch ASG? “Zero.”

- long bombs, 34’ shots: “I’m living with it but I don’t think a lot of people are living with it. It depends on who’s shooting it (Steph/Dame)…your blitz is higher…it does your defense…six-seven feet beyond the three-point game.”

- remind your guys: “gotta make sure you’re up…pickup 4-5 feet above the 3pt line…they can make that shot just like a regular 3pt shot.”

- International Women’s Day, Natalie Nakase: “her work ethic, just the way that she’s grinding each year…worked her way up every single year…I talked to Natalie yesterday…anything I need preparing for the playoffs…always writing notes…not even asking for…you can accomplish anything and I can definitely see her as a head coach some day…passion.”

- HBCU: “not watching the game it was more for me to step away from the game and evaluate our team…look at myself in the mirror.”

- GSW defense: “they do a lot of switching, they do a good job of protecting the paint…let’s get to the paint let’s make them collapse and now we kick out for open threes.”

- monitoring minutes: “right now just in response to injury.”


Kerr starts by passing along condolences to family of Joe Taite: “wonderful broadcaster for the Cleveland Cavaliers (knew him when Kerr played there, traveled on commercial flights with media)…wonderful man, amazing broadcaster. Got a lot of Joe Taite sayings and quotes in my head.”

- Wiseman? “Yes he is available, he was cleared by the league.

- starters? “We’re gonna start the same way we’ve been starting (Looney).”

- Steph expectations? “Steph just needs to be Steph…doesn’t have to do anything other than what he already does every night.”

- getting off to good start: “well aware we’re playing the three toughest teams…none of that (predictions) matters…body of work at the end of the season, so I’m not gonna put pressure on our team…sharp play, improved play…long way to go.”

- LAC: “they’re an interesting team, best 3pt shooting team in the league, a great two-way team…tremendous personnel led by Kawhi and Paul George of course.”

- Wiseman off bench: “over the course of the last six weeks…that lineup has been one of the very best in the league…that group has helped us get off to great starts.”

- more minutes for Wiseman? “We would definitely like to play James more. Development, to me, is more of a comprehensive thing…what we’re gonna be doing in live practices…this doesn’t just come down to (playing him more minutes)…whatever we can do to help advance him so he can catch up to his talent…you can’t just wave a magic wand, there’s a lot of work involved…exciting process.”

- GSW tonight: “we need to play with pace, the second game of the b2b (vs LAC), we broke the game open with a lot of pace and energy. They play at one of the slowest tempos in the league, they’re very methodical.”

- Smiley: “did a nice job in Orlando…injur ed then had minutes restrictions.”

- Poole: “Jordan’s gonna play, he’ll be in the rotation. He’s earned it…sort of the next step in his development.”

- COVID one year ago: “never would’ve guessed it would still he going on a year later…what did any of us know a year ago?…our way of life…has just dramatically changed…been a brutal year…light is at the end of the tunnel…vaccines are becoming more and more available…fingers crossed.”

- Paul George: “he’s dangerous everywhere, that’s what makes him a great player…handles the ball like a point guard but as big as a power forward.”

- LAC roster, Batum: “we tried hard on Batum ourselves, we’ve always admired him from afar…players like Batum are hard to come by…versatility…passer who makes the game easier for everyone…the best signing of the entire off-season…got him for minimum.”

- Lue: “his personality, his nature…very calming presence…good leader…provide a really good culture…to bring the team through a long season…relatively meticulous…getting the game to their tempo to take advantage of their great halfcourt personnel (Kawhi/PG)…Doc is a tremendous coach…biggest thing for the Clippers is continuity…this year looks like they are more comfortable together…and of course Batum coming in.”

- Steph range: “teams have to stretch their defense out…leaves some openings for cutters and screeners…Steph and Draymond have developed a unique synergy…our point guard running off screens, it’s different. It’s unique to who we are.”

- isn’t a bad shot: “famous shot of me on the sidelines…dribbles about 72 times…right about that time…it took me a couple months.”

- GSW defense: “it’s really just about discipline…we do drill work where we specifically guard without reaching… positioning…build good habits…we frankly have not been good at that…big factor tonight.”