Warriors-Grizzlies postgame: “too many one-pass possessions”, “huge fan” Juan defends “hardest worker” Poole

Plus Curry’s advice to Nico in-game

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Grizzlies postgame with Steve Kerr, Juan Toscano-Anderson, Jordan Poole and Nico Mannion.

Please check our YouTube channel for more visuals. The first video from postgame is at the top of this article and clickable, on how the game was lost in the second quarter, per Kerr, due to “one-pass possessions”.

The second postgame video is on Nico and what advice he got in-game from Stephen Curry (a question asked by yours truly):

And the third video is on JP, with heavy praise from Juan, who called out all the negative people on social media (good for JTA!):

No practice tomorrow, but we’ll be back at it with the “beat” videos on Monday from Warriors practice, the day before the Philadelphia 76ers come to town!


- frustration: “disappointed that we just left them off the hook…2nd quarter…too many one-pass possessions…right there for us…we had them on their heels…we didn’t seize the opportunity…lost the game in the 2nd quarter.”

- Wiggins play: “I should’ve taken a timeout, it was my fault.”

- Smiley 3 to open: “great to see…he battled out there…benched loved it (the 3).”

- start Smiley again? “I have no idea, we’ll see what happens Tuesday.”

- satisfied splitting trip? “We have to learn how to win though, we lost too many games like that one…learn what that means…gotta continue to work…with execution, you gotta seize moments…turnovers and one pass possessions…the game was ours if we wanted it…didn’t earn the right for shots to go in…guys were open and we weren’t throwing it to them…putting our heads down and dribbling…down the stretch you gotta understand…that’s what veteran teams know how to do.”

- Poole: “fantastic…proud…he’s earned his confidence…he’s earned the right to play well and to believe every shot is going in.”

- how long to process? “Not sure what that means…(film on flight, practice).”

- Draymond ankle: “more painful than it was harmful.”

- Poole heavy minutes? “Yes.”

- day off good? “Yeah, not to mention three games in four nights and flying back home tonight, dour hour flight.”

- Nico: “shooting the ball with confidence, getting us into our offense, putting pressure.”


- “A lot of moving parts…we let the second quarter get away from us…bite us in the butt.”

- Poole: “huge fan of Jordan…since I met the kid…pro game, he’s a hooper…that kid is really good, man. It’s unfortunate that we live in a microwave (era)…I’m probably his biggest fan…he’s on a mission…I don’t think anyone is working as hard as him…he’s got me beat right now…proud of him, man, he’s got a bright future.” (“I’m not from the Bay, I’m from Oakland”)

- Poole no turnovers in 6/7 last games: “you’re intentional…that kid don’t really care what people are thinking about him, he’s way ahead of where I was…tip your hat to that…playing with sauce.”


- Juan said he’s a fan, unfair treatment: “thank God, but credit to Juan, he works so hard, he knows more than anybody, the Bay is his town…just for him to go to bat for me…his charisma…the media what the media is, it’s 2021 the world that we live in, it’s what we signed up for…continuing to be positive…we need that.”

- social media? “I’m not on it right now”

- performance: “it’s just the work…gonna go back to the work just because it’s been proven…my confidence…the reason I made it this far…shout out to my parents and coaches for instilling that in me.”

- toughest part: “we felt like we had it, we were neck and neck…find ways to pull it out…execute down the stretch…get on to the next one.”

- game slowed down? “Umm, yeah, it comes with experience…if the game slowed down for everybody, everybody would do it…more experience you get.”

- Nico: “that’s the little bro and he’s fought so hard…being in that second unit, just run the show is something that we need.”

- family, hardest worker? “shout out to the rest of the team…amazing for your leaders to publicly say that…something drives everybody…I have my reasons and everybody has theirs.”


- toughest part: “We had the juice…certain points in the game when we just need to close it…we’re working on…we could’ve gone 3-0 on the road trip…it’s just back to the lab.”

- what are you learning in new role? “The biggest teacher is experience…learning how to pick my spots…still playing free but playing under control…DG told me I was a little hesitant last night.”

- Poole: “he’s been working since I got to this organization…see him constantly in the gym…he hasn’t gotten a whole lot better out of nowhere…one of my best friends on the team.”

- Steph advice during game? “Long two late shotclock, I brought it up first…late clock get behind the three point line…encouraging me…makes me feel good, makes me feel comfortable.”

Warriors PR: no practice tomorrow, practice on Monday probably around midday-ish.