Warriors-Hawks postgame: Curry tailbone improving “slowly”; too many fouls even though it’s talked about every day

Plus Steph on Space Jam 2, Bruce Lee shoes, Cameron Brink

Here are the notes & quotes from Warriors-Hawks postgame in Atlanta, with Steve Kerr, Kelly Oubre, Juan Toscano-Anderson, Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Curry.

The first video from our YouTube channel is clickable above atop this article and covers “miscellaneous” topics such as Steph’s tailbone, the Bruce Lee shoes for #StopAsianHate and his god daughter Cameron Brink of Stanford, newly crowned Women’s NCAA champion tonight.

The second video is on Steph nearing Wilt Chamberlain’s all-time Warriors franchise scoring record:

Follow-up videos will include all of the talk on fouling too much, as well as the mood of the team, plus comments on James Wiseman.

Here is one on all the fouling, lack of discipline and failure to recognize tendencies. Oubre said the team has to “get our shit together”:


- more fouls than assists? “If I knew I would give you the answer but we talk about it every day. Talked about it before the game, talked about it at halftime…why we lost the game.”

- fouls number one thing? “It was No. 1 tonight. Every night is a little bit different…we’ve been consistently bad in the FT allowed category…extremely frustrating…something we work on every single day…lack of discipline killed us.”

- Wiseman? “Those were the matchups we really liked…I thought James played well, I thought Loon played well.”

- Steph tailbone? “He’s wincing here and there…he wasn’t at his best…guy has 37 points and he wasn’t at his best…his turnovers…giving everything he can…the whole group competed…but we fouled…that’s why we lost.”

- altering rotations? “No…we fouled. That’s it.”


- fouling? “Lack of discipline…knowing tendencies of your opponent.”

- biting on jumpers the worst? “Fouling with a chance for four points.”

- pick one issue? “Fouling, staying disciplined throughout the whole game.”

- mentality? “Very understanding…we got a lot of work to do…get our shit together and get on track.”

- recap: “We were competing all game long…coach said we gotta take care of the margins…lost that focus at a certain point.”

- discipline? “Not everybody on our team is familiar with what they do…for some of them it’s like their second or third time playing against Gallo…it’s just a learning experience, man.”

- how to have more discipline? “Take each and every moment, each and every breath seriously…I think that’s the key.”


- fouling a jumpshooter: “there’s two sides to it…we’re not out there trying to foul…I just wasn’t very disciplined…I’ll take the blame for this loss because I just didn’t do my job (in just five minutes)…those margins are the difference in the game.”

- fouling, flow: “it just slows down the game, it’s not fun. I’m not gonna saying just blame it on the refs…Steph…Lou Will…it sucks, it’s frustrating…I came in at a pivotal moment of the game…I can’t cry over spilled milk…learning lesson for me.”

- mindset of team: “with all due respect, I don’t know how to answer your question…still confident we can squeeze into the playoffs…a game like today is very winnable…gotta stop fouling.”


- fouling: “we can’t be chopping down…bail outs and last minute jumping on pump fakes…just the silly fouls we gotta fix.”

- winnable games taking a toll: “I mean, it’s disappoint to lose…you feel like you can beat that team…keeping thinking positive…lock in…it’s crunch time now.”

- helping youngsters: “try to give them my little words of wisdom.”

- positives? “We competed…if they’re going to the FT line 40-50 times (you’re not winning)”


- recap: “five hours on the plane to think about it…another game Tuesday against a great team…still a good amount of time but you cannot play the way that we played…kinda is what it is…sucks right now, losing sucks…in the locker room…not really much to smile about.”

- how to stop fouling? “idk man, it’s like the 20th we’ve been asked that question and we haven’t figured it out yet…being in the right position…game has a better flow to it and you’re not giving up FTs…(also being in the penalty)…change your strategy of the defensive presence.”

- Klay Space Jam 2, which team would win: “legendary concept…dope…excited to see it…I ain’t thought too much about the cast, though.”

- breaking Wilt’s scoring record franchise: “it’s surreal…he got a lot of buckets…wearing a Warriors uniform and having been here the whole time is pretty crazy…got a lot more to do but pretty significant milestone.”

- in category with Wilt: “I’m glad he didn’t have the three-point line…I’m glad I played in this era.”

- Bruce Lee shoes: “unifying people, speaking on the collective harmony of everybody from different backgrounds…especially his Asian heritage…quotes and narratives and themes…still ring true today…impact people’s lives…stopping Asian hate…shoes are a small way to raise money…awareness.”

- Trae: “he’s on the right track…trying to take that next step as an organization…every learning lesson along the way…self-reflect…he’s doing that…I’m twelve years into this thing and he’s, what, three?…league will be in good hands.”

- tailbone improving? “Slowly. Only landed on it once.”

- Stanford, Brink: “picked the right school…surrounded by talent and greatness…Covid protocol season and going to that Bubble…I’ll catch up with her later.”

- optimism? “That’s not hard because every time you step on the floor you’re expecting to win…the hard part is answering the questions…challenge there we need to take head on…it’ll test us to find a way to make these last twenty games matter and give us something to show for it…right now it’s frustrating for sure…I hope everybody in the locker room hates losing.”

- youngsters dealing with it? “Keep it real, we all had higher expectations…guys want to outperform, they wanna exceed expectations…I hope it stings…I hope it’s uncomfortable…keep grinding…hope nobody’s content being in this middle of the road situation…see what we’re made of.”

Warriors PR: practice tomorrow late afternoon at 330p, media around 5p