Warriors-Hawks pregame: Draymond good to go, Curry was on court, Kerr wants Wiseman to have fun

Nate McMillan praises “point-forward” Green

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Atlanta Hawks pregame with Steve Kerr and Nate McMillan.

The first video above is clickable and reveals that Draymond Green, who was out with an illness last night, is “good to go” and Stephen Curry was getting some work in on the court, which Kerr termed as a “good sign”.

The second video below is McMillan praising Green:


- Draymond, Steph? “Draymond should be good to go, I just talked to Steph is making good progress, he’s out on the court right now getting a little work in, so it’s a good sign.”

- Myers/Oubre: “Kelly and I talked yesterday and I know he’s happy to be here and we’re happy to have him here, we talk every day.”

- Myers sent text today: “oh man I’m so lucky to work with Bob…I get so much support and I never doubt any of that support…we try to address anything head on…don’t take it personally…we’re in a little bit of a rough patch…keep plugging away.”

- Steph practice? “idk I haven’t talked to Rick about it yet, we’ll have tomorrow off any way so I guess the first available practice would be Sunday.”

- trying times when wins aren’t coming? “Of course…that’s what makes us feel good…what we do this for, so losing is no fun at all. The last couple games have been tough.”

- moral victories? “I wouldn’t utter the phrase…be the op-ed at PTI, Kerr says the Warriors love moral victories…last night’s game was not at all pleasing…young team falling into a trap…game was pretty easy…until you look up at the scoreboard and see that you lost by 20 points…that’s Sacramento’s game…without some key players…our defense was atrocious…never had any traction.”

- Wiseman: “I just want him to have fun, I want him to relax and play…he’s 19, this stuff can’t happen overnight…we’ve gotta help James through this process and really the best thing to do is to enjoy himself. A lot of stress being the No. 2 pick…I’d like to see him relax and play.”

- bring that out of him? “Atmosphere in practice.”


- starters: “I will put Bogey in the starting lineup…in place of Kevin…still keep Tony Snell in the lineup…with Gallo and Solomon Hill.”

- Lou Will: “backup point guard…how we want to rotate him in the lineup…coming off the bench.”

- win vs development: “do the best we can…tough challenge.”

- no Rondo: “back and forth with our young guards.”

- DeAndre Hunter knee: “part of the process…felt he was ready to go when he played in his first game…things like this are gonna happen…swelling…we are going to sit him out.”

- Lou Will, Bogey, Kevin, complete team? “I’m a few days from actually seeing that…focused on Golden State…slippage defensively…offensive execution needs to be better…focus is really on tonight’s game…we’ve got some time.”

- Draymond will play: “he basically facilitates a lot…pretty much a point forward…averaging close to 8-9 assists per game…they can play small ball playing him 1 through 5…really dangerous in transition…he’s definitely a weapon for them…keep this thing in front of us and not allow them easy opportunity and playing in our paint.”