Warriors-OKC Kerr pregame notes, quotes, bullet points & bonus video

Iguodala back, Stephen Curry/Julius Darius Jones/Pastor Mike, Draymond/DRC 🍷

Just learned about Julius Darius Jones (H/T Evan Webeck), gonna do what I can to spread awareness starting with this article image. (See article for image credit)

Here are quotes & notes and additional BULLET POINTS 🤣 (inside joke, will explain later) from OKC as the Golden State Warriors are set to take on the Thunder. Reminder: it’s an early tipoff at 5p today, which is half-an-hour from now.

I still owe you guys are recap of my adventure through the storm to Sacramento the other day. That’s forthcoming as well as some more quickie topics such as whether or not DubNation wants Klay Thompson to change his jersey to 77 this season and a phone call I recently had with Stephen Curry’s trainer Brandon Payne.

As will be the case from now on, Steve Kerr’s pregame video is below the subscription demarcation point at the bottom of this article…

Today’s bullet point will be 🍷 in commemoration of Draymond’s DRC (read below):

🍷 “Steph Curry and Draymond Green would be two common denominators…field a lot of different combinations…each game is different…Bjelica (for LAL)…Otto Porter (for SAC)…fun, solid team.”

🍷 On pastor Mike McBride: “He was in town today for the hearing that was actually postponed for Julius Darius Jones…learned more about the case…Steph hosted something last night…supporting his family, some of them will be in attendance tonight…”

This is in reference to the following:

🍷 Iguodala: “yeah he should be back…everything goes right with this warmup before the game.”

🍷 Starters: “Same”

🍷 “Small sample but we have a roster that is conducive…boxing out and (understanding angles)…”

🍷 Giddey: “amazing passing vision and feel…our guys watched him pretty closely, I know that they were very high on him in the Draft…”

🍷 Dray wine: “idk about that stuff, maybe Raymond knows…” “he did get it”, says Ridder.

This is in reference to the following:

🍷 Shai: “wise beyond his years…great length…feels the game well, has a great sense of where he is on the floor, when to attack…really skilled player.”

Below this line is Kerr’s full pregame video…

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