Warriors practice from LA: Wiseman misses test, tomorrow unknown; Oubre/Draymond okay

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Here are notes & quotes from Steve Kerr and Eric Paschall from Warriors practice in LA, the day before facing the Clippers. Stephen Curry spoke after Paschall, but we’ll post that separately in a subscribers-only piece.

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- Oubre: “went thru full practice, scrimmaged the whole time.”

- Draymond? “He’s fine”

- Steph nothing to prove quote: “He’s exactly right…comfort in your own skin…most comfortable spot to be in as a professional athlete…most guys are just fighting to hang on to their jobs.”

- protocols: “James (Wiseman) missed a test over the weekend so he did not practice.”

- know when he’ll be back? “I don’t.”

- missed it over the break? “Yes.”

- how important was practice? “Crucial…especially the ones where we can get some work in.”

- practice schedules? “Just take it week by week and it always depends on the health of the players…we will not have a shootaround tomorrow based on league protocol.”

- Wiseman details? “It was a mistake. He just forgot…disappointing that he made the mistake.”

- second half thoughts? “Didn’t spend the entire time in a cave watching tape…strategically thinking about lineups…there will be some changes in tomorrow night’s game, I’m not gonna tell you what they are…rotational changes.”

- what did you do over the break? “Played golf (in San Diego)…seems like everybody else had a good break too, just talking to the guys.”

- expectations: “gain some more consistency, we’ll be searching for that…lineup combinations…we are who we are…where we should be…lost 3 or 4 games that we thought we should’ve won (but also won when they should’ve lost).”

- improvements for playoffs: “gotta get better offensively, our efficiency is not good…create better shots for one another…last few games were not our best effort defensively…re-engage, try to tighten things up.”

- upcoming tough games: “I don’t even give it any thought…the schedule is what the schedule is, it all balances out by the end of the year anyways…lost three in a row facing three great teams…gotta play all these teams anyways at some point…try to get us playing at our peak.”

- rotational change means different style? “Just trying to find combinations that complement each other…solid defensively but can also generate shots…struggled offensively for much of the year…give ourselves a spark.”

- abrupt end of 2020 affected? “It all just is what it is…James missing training camp…these are all obstacles…try to get ourselves ready and try to develop our young players every day and keep getting better…nobody feels sorry for one another.”

- did Wiseman travel? “He was in San Francisco…we got word today that he could not practice tonight.”

- Able to watch? “No, he could not be with the team on the practice floor.”

- Wiggins drop off? “Andrew was a little tired going into the break (guarding the best opponent)…I talked to him.”

- did you talk to Andrew? “come to grips with that…keep plowing forward.”

- LAC: “we gotta be on point defensively…gotta be able to help each other…we got a big challenge.”

- ASB compared to previous years? “Never had to take tests every day and overnight them to a lab in an All-Star Break before…other than that it was very similar.”

Ray says Kerr had to get tested before 715p, does not specify who’s next so we’ll see.


- how was your break?

- challenges: “testing…playing every day, just takes a toll on your mental.”

- isolation: “The one thing we like in the NBA is our freedom…it could be a lot worse…we can’t complain.”

- hard lessons of a rookie (Wiseman missing a test): “yeah…for his first year it’s something that’s new…stuff happens…you can’t really dwell on it too much.”

- what are testing protocols? “we could do outdoor dining…can’t leave the country…can’t go indoor dining, gotta test every day, we have two time slots.”

- go to the facility? “Yes.”

- challenges coming up: good practice, prepare today and go from there

- assessment: “executing as a team, me included, on both ends of the ball…a lot of room to grow.”

- practicing: “very important, gives us time together…more control…not in the midst of the game.”

- looking forward to? “Just continue to get better tbh.”

- practicing less? “100%, so many back to backs…especially with these new protocols.”

- chemistry? “It hurts us but at the same time we gotta just watch a lot of film and grow from there.”

- NCAA? “Only Villanova.”

- Jay Wright HOF? “We all kinda knew it. He’s a HOF coach.”

- Colin hurt: “MCL…one of the toughest kids I’ve played with.”

- Wright: “very fierce, he cares about the game. He’s crazy. He’s a crazy dude…he cares so much…10-11 guys in the NBA…the proof is in the pudding…Big East tournament championships.”

- relating to players: “on the court he’s very fierce, he’s gonna yell at you…we’ll all go back during the summer (non-pandemic)…even if he didn’t coach them.”


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