Warriors practice - Kerr, Damion Lee: “That can’t all be on Brad” Wanamaker

Jordan Poole, Nico Mannion, Damian Lillard, Juan Toscano

Scroll down below for notes & quotes from Steve Kerr and Damion Lee from Warriors practice today in LA. Jordan Poole and Nico Mannion flew directly to Portland due to COVID testing protocols. Stephen Curry was also on the call after these two but we’ll make that a separate post (likely subscription-only).


First video is on the plan with Poole, Nico, and Juan. Also, Draymond Green will play (sprained ankle vs Lakers):


- “good” day of practice: “yeah we had a good day…much needed…guys needed to get their blood moving, get their legs moving.”

- Draymond: “practiced fully and will play tomorrow.”

- JP/Nico: “in Portland already because they needed to test two days in a row…they’ll be eligible to play tomorrow (assuming negative tests).”

- Poole minutes in Bubble: “valuable stretch of games for Jordan and Nico…Kris Weems just doing a great job…proud of Jordan and Nico…brought them up now is we want them available for tomorrow and Phoenix.”

- in rotation? “Not sure…we get to Phoenix at 4 o’clock in the morning…good chance they’ll play (but not sure).”

- two-way limit: “still looking at sitting Juan 10 games…so to hear that news today was great…eligible for the playoffs too.”

- Poole/Nico in rotation given not enough minutes? “That’s going to be based on how we’re playing and what we see…then in Phoenix as well…something the coaching staff and I have to weigh.”

- currently No. 8, resiliency vs preseason rankings: “we probably are where we should be, we haven’t played well enough to elevate ourselves…gotten much better…other than that Laker game…I really like the way we’ve played…lost some tough ones…overall we’re improving and we’d like to take another step up…improve our playoff standing, not just hold on to it.”

- similar to Portland? “The similarity lies in the fact that Steph and Damian are just two of the greatest shooters the league has ever seen…extend to the logo…changes the way you have to guard us and Portland…we’ve seen them a lot over the years, they have a unique style…we’re pretty unique as well but we’re built differently.”

- assessment: “continue to harp on the same things…rebound better…destroyed by the Lakers…defend without fouling…the last few games we’ve had too many turnovers.”

- Lillard: “Damian’s amazing…we have great affection for him given what he’s done for Oakland…great respect.”

- playoff positioning: “oh hell yeah (get out of play-in).”

- play-in thoughts: “if we’re ninth or tenth I love it if were seventh or eighth it’s bull crap.” (jokes)

- play-in: “Keeping more fan bases engaged…I like it, it’s a good idea…anything can happen…our goal is to move up beyond that.”

- standings: “lack of training camp and the frequent delays for some teams have really disrupted the rhythm of the season…didn’t feel like we were really ready to go until the tenth game of the season…idk how the Spurs are gonna handle ten games in between with no practices…every team…Dallas and New Orleans are different teams than they were a month ago…starting to shape out.”

- vaccines end of May? “We all just have to be ready for anything.”

- best practice? “One of our most needed practices this season…we were a little rusty but that’s kind of the point of practice.”

- Wanamaker: “It’s been a rough go especially lately. Part of what we’re seeing is the second unit has changed…searching for the right combinations…that hasn’t been easy on Brad…asked a lot from him…play off of guys like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown where he’s not having to make plays…hasn’t been any flow to the offense and asking Brad to provide that is difficult…that can’t all be on Brad.”

- Poole? “Both Jordan and Nico in Orlando displayed really good passing skills, play making…could very well get a shot…we’ll see.”

- Wiggins second unit: “Most second units have a starter or two in them…went to Kelly for awhile…play making is a pretty unique skill in this league…not a ton of guys…not an easy job…even for an established player like Andrew…based on the combination of players…a lot of it is on me.”

- Wiggins dip? “Could be just fatigue…before ASB…guys to wane a little bit…you’ll see Andrew’s play come back up.”

- Nick son coach NBA? “Flew back to Portland.”

- Kerr family dinners: “there’s usually league pass on.”


- (Damion wants Kerith to ask first because of Women’s Empowerment Month) practices: “necessary…still gelling together…(over the) last month we’ve had maybe fix or six.”

- momentum into ASB: “having a lot of turnovers and not really focusing (over last few losses)…locking in for the playoffs (second half).”

- second unit: “It is what it is…I’m out there…Coach trusts me…find ways to get guys easy shots…Brad and I kinda filling in…not really a good thing or bad thing.”

- playing better than average play: “starts with defense…in-game execution…focusing on the details, if we do those three things…first three game winning streak…last team to have any sort of streak…that alone says average.”

- journey this season, Juan: “defense has gotten a lot better…offensive execution still has to get better…like a little brother (Juan)…feels like we’ve known each other forever…best friends…he has his own story…playing for his hometown…he belongs in this league…Juan Toscano-Anderson is an NBA player through and through.”

- two-way limits: “I don’t really think there’s any cons of it…should’ve been the case from the beginning…baseball or hockey.”

Slater - minor league? “Solid.”

Christos - potential of Warriors: “sky’s the limit…two HOFers…we go as they go, so as long as we have No. 30 and No. 23 out there.”

Kerith - two-way limits: “I had notes in my phone where I had days that I played games, days that I missed…workout at 8am before practice started…you weren’t allowed to be on the same court…otherwise it’d count as a day…8am…or 130p-2p.”

Alvarez - international media Zoom: “I love it…China Africa Germany…all these NBA jerseys in all these different countries…could be a kid in Slovenia that’s looking up to Luka…Germany…Schroder…or shoot half court shots like Steph.”

- Wiseman: “tough for me to put myself in…his shoes…just trying to instill/pump confidence in him…he wants to be one of the best players ever…nobody’s line to greatness is a straight line…you can even look at Giannis when he was a rookie…2nd or 3rd year…there’s been no perfect basketball player ever…greatest vets…in his corner…I’m just a big brother for him.”