Warriors practice: Kerr says Paschall could be “out of the loop”, Wiseman/Poole more minutes, Bazemore shares trade experiences

Defenses adjusting to the threat of JP

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors practice, one day before the Sacramento Kings, with Steve Kerr, Kent Bazemore and Eric Paschall.

Please check our YouTube channel for the visuals. The first video, on Paschall being out of the rotation for now, is at the top of this article and clickable. We’ll also have Baze’s “Go Dubs!” mini-cheer on our Instagram later tonight.


- Paschall DNP: “we didn’t map it out exactly that he wouldn’t play…rotations that dictated…difficult stretch for some people given we’ve made some rotational changes…could be a time where Eric is out of the loop for a little bit…I’ve explained to him…get the playing time that he did (2019)…this year has sort of been opposite…he’s sort of been in and out of the loop as a 4, as a 5…he’s just gotta stay ready…things change quickly in the NBA.”

- proving he’s a reliable 4? “Allow him to play in more varieties of rotations (rather than small ball 5)…bottom line is we have 15, 16, 17 guys on this roster and usually only 9 or 10 will play…Juan didn’t play last night…this stuff isn’t fair…it’s their job to stay ready and be prepared when the ball comes back their way.”

- prioritize development vs winning, clear cut plan? “If it were that simple it would be easier…we’re trying to win and develop our players at the same time…figure out what that is day to day…James Wiseman needs to play, needs to play more, that’s why we are gonna start him and commit to playing him as many minutes as we can…Jordan Poole is gonna see increased minutes…Nico Mannion is going to get backup point guard minutes…that’s a big part of building a culture and sustaining a culture…demanding excellence…play through mistakes…both at the same time.”

- fan influence? “It doesn’t factor into my decision-making…the whole point is to be the best team we can be not only right now but going forward…we’re just trying to get better…big plans ahead…excited about it.”

- Paschall: “Eric’s been great. One thing with Eric is he’s very very mature…soaks everything in…frankly he’s hard to keep off the floor…played him almost immediately (after being out of rotation)…really good player…this is how last year was supposed to go for him…the circumstances fell his way last year…First Team All Rookie…surviving in this league…roll with the punches…he’s handling it really well.”

- Oubre focus? “He sure did a good job of it last night…indicative of the kind of person Kelly is…performs and has a great game and really put us in position to beat one of the best teams in the league…poise and his practicality.”

- involved or shielded from Bob? “I don’t call Bob, I let him call me…he did not call me today.”

- Wiseman: “it’s all about reps…you have to feel the speed and the power of the NBA…your brain has to catch up…your brain and your body…see those pictures and process that information quickly and it’s impossible to do that within a few months.”

- Poole: “Philadelphia was dialed in to him, they’re a great defensive team…Danny Green, Matisse Thybulle, Simmons on a switch…important for a young player to survive a slow start…overcame what was a really rough start and scored 19 points…really maturing.”

- Poole: “decision-making and efficiency has been really really good…he’s go the green light to fire away…understand the game and the efficiency part of it, he’s gotta let it go, let it fly.”


- trade emotions: “ton of speculation…everywhere you look…trade scenarios…a lot of weird stuff…I’ve been traded twice in my career…flip side of it, know that you have worth.”

- players are people: “yeah it’s hard, I dealt with it this past year moving from Atlanta to Portland…son, wife was pregnant…time difference…definitely builds character and it’ll rock your world…comfort zone…I’m starting to get back on my feet again a year later.”

- Jordan Poole: “I like what he’s doing, he’s relentless, playing from a great mental place…he’s a talented kid…when he’s not on your team, you wanna body slam him…another lethal weapon like Steph in his corner, the sky’s the limit.”

- what will happen in 24 hours? “I’m about to drive to Sacramento and have a game…I’ve learned to turn all that off…make sure that you’re in a mental space…you can’t prepare for it…make the best of the next opportunity …another day in the life.”

- vaccine: “I’m not big on it…hours of cooking…taking care of my health…my family has a history of heart disease…keep my immune system strong.”

- won’t get vaccine? “No sir.”

- film study more important? “A unique way of learning the game of basketball. I watch guys a lot, guys I’m gonna guard…2 or 3 games out…to each his own, there are hoopers and there are students of the game…many different walks of life, many different approaches…Kobe started that detail thing…Deshaun Watson…press conference…dismantled an entire defense on the podium…right mental space before a game…physicality, give him space.”

- group film sessions vs 1-on-1 with asst? “Coach pulls out a laptop, 8 to 10 minutes of film…side pick and rolls…just small things…game has gone super analytical, all these percentages and crap…best league in the world as far as putting out a nice product.”

- golfer/Steph: “Steph’s definitely better. I’ve gotten to a 4-handicap last summer…only played four rounds since December…coach back in Atlanta…send him a video from by backyard.”

- recap: “we’re in a great place…things are starting to settle…everything up to the break was just helper skelter…even off the floor (testing)…our defensive intensity in that third quarter is really what kinda set us apart…so we’re close and the mood was really good today…music blasting…two different songs going on at the same time…driving down 101, beautiful water.”

- trade deadline: “good to know so you can have some peace of mind, but my TV stays on the golf channel, ain’t many trades in the golf world…after getting traded last year, I learned a lot…it can throw a wrench in your life…just builds a ton of character…appreciate all the things that you do have…53 days down there in the Orlando bubble…my wife was six months pregnant at the time…the whole nine, you appreciate life.”

- tell family not to tell him: “I tel my agent keep me in the loop but if it’s not pressing don’t bother me.”

“Go Dubs” with towel 😂


- DNP: “It’s a roller coaster…you just gotta take the punches and deal with it”

- communication: “Talking to us and letting us know…just being honest.”

- consistency: “just going out there and playing hard.”

- trade deadline: “I wasn’t really thinking about it.”

- “talked, communication was there…ain’t really much to it.”

- defenses vs Jordan Poole: “they haven’t been doing that good of a job…thriving right now.”

Warriors PR: shootaround tomorrow probably 11a, media at 12p, they’re heading on bus shortly. Bob Myers will do a Zoom sometime after trade deadline maybe 3p.