Warriors-Sixers postgame: “idk what else to say” re Stephen Curry; Kobe; Jordan

Kerr on Looney; Kevon on 2016 Steph; Wiggins

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Sixers postgame from Philadelphia, with Steve Kerr, Andrew Wiggins and Kevon Looney. Stephen Curry spoke after Steve, but I put that in a separate article for subscribers only. This post is free.

The video that sits atop this article is actually Kerr pregame on a stat Doris Burke gave him before the game, which led to talk about his stamina, and Curry praising his crew for the off-season training (so yes, there’s a small overlap into the firewalled quotes from Steph, but you’ll have to watch on YouTube for those. Please check our YouTube channel for more uploads as the night goes on.


- Steph: “idk what else to say, you know? You guys ask me after every game…whatever I said last game just use that…utter amazement…skill level, heart, mind, focus.”

- big win? “We need every win we can get…really good spirit and energy…the guys feel it…Loon tonight was kinda the unsung hero…I always know that Draymond is gonna defend like a demon…Looney guarding Embiid for most of those 33 minutes…”

- Steph historically: “Yeah Raymond keeps me up to date on all that stuff…21 career games with 10 or more threes and Klay’s second with 5?…mind boggling.”

- seen this? “I’ve seen Kobe Bryant have a stretch…went nuts…Jordan…nobody’s shot the ball like this in the history of the game…even by Steph’s lofty standards.”

- what do you say to him? “Uhh, nice shot?”

- Looney vs Embiid, two bigs: “the biggest thing with Loon is that he’s healthy…helped us win…Finals games, so we knew what we had…and then Draymond is Draymond…best defender in the game today…what you have to do as a big…”

- fans? “It’s huge…wonderful to hear the fans, hear the oohs and the ahhs (Steph)…”

- Sixers: “I really like their chances, they were obviously really short handed tonight…great two-way team…”

- didn’t double Steph: “easier said than done…you have to do it halfcourt…unlike any traditional superstar…you have to send two to halfcourt…4-on-3 is pretty easy (in the NBA)…I wouldn’t be surprised (to see it now).”

- Oubre: “…good for him to get his legs back.”

- anybody in any sport: “Michael Jordan?”

- in last twenty years? “Since MJ? Probably not.”

- game balls to Steph? “Uhh, no…idk maybe I should? Just keep handing him the ball after every game.”

- early turnovers Steph maybe off-night? “I’ve known better…Portland…he was 0-for-10…he hit his 11th shot and he shimmied at half court…who shimmies when you’re 1-for-11…he had 20 in overtime…the confidence is so deep.”

- vs Seth: “it’s always fun to see those two guys playing against each other…really fun for the family to watch…Damion Lee had a good game tonight.”

- best play ever for Steph? “hard to say…he’s never played any better.”


- seen this from Steph? “A lot actually…one of a kind…being on his team it’s totally different…every day every game, just his dominance…amazing.”

- say anything to him? “We’re all excited…he’s capable of doing it every night (laughs)…glad I’m here…keep it going.”

- Steph, momentum: “crazy especially in the fourth…he came in and it was lights out…took over the game when we needed him to…riding the wave.”

- historical stats? “I’ve seen some stuff yeah.”

- any one stat? “Nothing shocks me when it comes to him (laughs).”

- 10 threes consecutively: “He’s the greatest shooter of all time.”

- seeing Steph inspire you: “Steph inspires everybody, whether that person plays basketball or not, he’s one of those iconic figures in the world…watching greatness.”

- what about Steph impressive the most: “it’s everything…nothing he can’t do…best thing…he’s just as dominant with the ball as he is off ball.”


- Steph: “one of a kind…special…great to be a part of this team.”

- 2016 MVP year vs this year: “I didn’t think nobody could play better than that…the peak…this year taken that to a whole other level…for him to keep getting better, keep breaking records, keep doing new things nobody has ever done before…amazing.”

- gelling? “We always had our identity…we’ve been pretty great on the defensive end…coach has been saying we were due for a run…”

- feel like a playoff game? “Locked into the game plan…last two games (playoff-like)…every possession felt important…good test for us…feel the game like that…”

- aspirations, bounce back: “we can win any game when he’s on the court…if we keep it close he probably bring it home for us…raising our level of play…tough game we should’ve won (Boston)…early in the season we would’ve hung our heads…Steph did what he did.”

- vs Jokic and Embiid: “getting my body right…called on…pickup the slack that we’re missing…it’s been fun…test our skills.”

- momentum: “never easy to win on the road…building good habits/chemistry…”

- second unit foundation: “playing really well…building our identity, who’s gonna get their shots…when Draymond steps off the court…keep the game close…Jordan has been playing great…play through Wiggins…KO back is a big boost…keep building, coach started trusting us.”

- better view than in 2016? “Idk I had a great seat. If it feels a lot better to be a part of it…setting screens…had a prime time seat…the greatest up close every night.”

- means your old though? “It does but I don’t like that (laughs).”

- play your game with Steph: “you probably have the best player every night…do our job…set good screens, he’s gonna do a lot of the heavy lifting…go for 50, 60 any given moment…we can play with anybody.”

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