Warriors-Sixers postgame: Kerr on finding combinations, Wiseman’s protocols experience “terrible”, Poole vs “physical” defense

Oubre “coveted” around NBA

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Sixers postgame with Steve Kerr, Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, Damion Lee and Jordan Poole.

Please check our YouTube channel for the uploads. The first video is clickable at the top of this article and is a compendium of all the speakers with a recap of the loss and how the 76ers put the clamps on in the 4th quarter. We lead it off, though, with Wiseman saying he’ll still be looking forward to a matchup against Joel Embiid.


- Sixers Q4 defense: “they put the clamps on this, 13 points after scoring 30 in the third…big team…physicality on the wings.”

- like/dislike: “I didn’t like our start…our second unit, I liked the play of Damion Lee…third quarter effort from the starters, they responded…we really battled…couldn’t score when we needed to.”

- Wiseman: “a little rusty…he’s gonna get better and better…but he needs his rhythm and that’s gonna come.”

- Poole: “there are gonna be games for everybody whether it’s Steph Curry, LeBron James or Jordan Poole…fighting through a slow start and scoring against long active defenders all night and still managed to impact the game.”

- closing out: “we’re not good enough to do it, we’re 22 and 22 for a reason…execution-wise…what I gotta do a better job as coach…more organized and find better shots.”

- how to practice execution: “take advantage of the practice time that we do have…these last 28 games, we have to find combinations that we like.”

- Oubre future: “I love Kelly, he’s a pro. We’ve talked a lot…not an easy position to be in but this is how it works…expiring deal…position of need…he’s definitely coveted…done a great job of handling everything…very practical, so we’ll see what happens.”

- frustrating closing out? “Find the right combinations…put the pieces together where guys are really complementing each other…the pieces of the puzzle fit nicely (with the KD era)…roles aren’t as clearly defined…not having separated themselves from the group…we didn’t play Juan and Eric…so we’re looking at different groups, so we’ve just been searching and we gotta keep going.”

- Doc Rivers: “with the Clippers for so long (Boston too). Mainly I’m just happy for Doc that he landed in a good spot…one of the best defenses…Doc has his fingerprints all over that.”

- Draymond: “the third quarter he really changed the game…battled.”


- recap: “we just didn’t hit shots down the stretch…they made their shots.”

- recap: “always gotta look forward…on to the next game.”

- trade deadline: “it’s out of your control, not much you can do but just be ready when it happens…part of your job…when I got traded, I just listened to instructions…coming here…smooth process…good for both parties.”

- difficult? “all depends on your personality…just gonna hoop when you’re on the court.”

- shot better after halftime: “we made our shots in the second half…ball decided to go on, that’s about it.”


- protocols: “Very hard…just had to be patient with the protocols.”

- starter? “I’m very proud of that and just ready to keep getting better.”

- Kerr told you? “I thought it was just this game…very excited about that.”

- protocols: “I’ve been doing stuff in my room.”

- examples: “keep my cardio up…didn’t like it.”

- how to cardio? “Getting on YouTube.”

- winded? No.

- recap: “trying to learn as much as possible.”

- no Steph: “come together as a team…encourage each other.”

- recap: “just kept working hard”

- protocols: “terrible…this was my second time doing it…stay mentally strong, just endure it.”

- goals? “Just try to be the best version of myself…always been my mindset.”

- back to quarantine? “I don’t even want to talk about it…terrible” (makes arm motions lol)

- protocols: “I’ve been through a lot so far…just keep my head up…pray every night that I have protection over me and just enjoy every day.”

- difference from Game 1: “aggressive…patient…defensive schemes…studying film.”

- Sixers: “their physicality…great ball moving team…system is very good.”

- hoping for Embiid? “Yes most definitely”

- Embiid: “watched a lot of film…that would be a very fun matchup.”

- missed Memphis: “my mom flew out all the way from the Bay to Memphis”

- how dealt with it? “it came out of nowhere it was so random.”


- recap: “string together some stops, our defense fueled our offense…you go to the 4th they outscored us by 15.”

- closing out: “execution really for us is probably the main thing…continuing to lock in on defense, those are our two things that (haven’t allowed us to get over the hump).”

- closing out: “understanding time and score…when we need a stop…basketball is a game of runs…4th quarter they really imposed their will on the defensive end…knocked down free throws.”


- how did you play? “Well, we didn’t get the win…what a question! Right out the gate.”

- “oh yeah” (reporter), recap: “in the third quarter we were able to execute.”

- different defense Q4: “they got a lot of length and they’re physical. A couple calls didn’t go our way.”

Warriors PR says practice media availability probably 430p-ish.