Warriors-Wizards pregame: Curry vs Beal (Steph’s “genius” & curiosity)

Juan got 35 stitches, Damion out with cracked toenail

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Wizards pregame from Washington, with head coaches Scott Brooks and Steve Kerr. This is a free article with great quotes on Stephen Curry from Brooks as well as Kerr.

There’s more Kerr commentary on the George Floyd verdict and basically an indictment on today’s era of social media and disinformation, but I plan to post that tomorrow as a subscription-only piece; my thesis will be that, per “sports and society” expert Harry Edwards, sports is a reflection of society and see this disinformation and divisiveness all the time when it comes to DubNation and #WarriorsTwitter.

The video atop this article is clickable and has the great quotes on this Curry vs Bradley Beal battle for tonight, top two scorers in the league! More videos will come out by tomorrow on our YouTube channel.


- lineup? “Rui’s out…”

- Beal vs Curry with fans: “awesome, we can’t wait, it’s been a long time. We all want to be back to a normal season…this is the beginning…I never thought I’d be so excited…with only 2,000 fans…thankful our team and the mayor came up with this opportunity…it’s gonna help all of us…one of the hottest players in the league in our building the first night.”

- Russ one of highest-rated in clutch situations (5 points or less): “One of the biggest winners I’ve been around 👀…he’s always been consistent, he cares, he wants to win…establish a culture a professionalism…he’s a demanding teammate but he’s here…we have off days…but I always see him in the gym…always grabbing Rui or Freddy…he wills that ball, the ball is scared of him…sometimes he makes shots I’m like, man, where did that come from?…he’s been in a lot of big games…was that for me…is that a PJ Carlesimo answer (jokes).”

- Gafford minutes restriction? “…the minutes restrictions, I don’t really know if it plays into effect…gonna be lifted pretty quickly (but) you always have to be safe…idk exactly, they usually lmk some time in the next 30 minutes…”

- Rui timetable: “he says he’s feeling much better but still don’t know…I just know we got three in four nights…no setbacks.”

- three centers throw off opponents: “yeah I think they are, I noticed they will make adjustments…put RoLo back in…they put their big right back in…get his hook shot where he wants it…Russell and Brad, the guys have good synergy…he calms us down.”

- Steph running around: “you can’t slip up one second…unlimited range…anybody can shoot a 35-footer…he doesn’t get enough credit for his toughness…fight through fatigue/soreness…so conditioned he never seems to get tired, he probably runs 3 miles a game…you gotta be locked in and even when you’re locked in…scouting report…to even take 19 threes…he’s a genius on the court…”

- who guards Steph? “Russell guarded him last game (but) we’re all gonna get a crack at him…he’s gonna make some tough shots…keep doing your job…”

- Avdija struggling from 3: (cut out to Kerr Q&A as Wizards pregame Zoom started late and so Brooks went past 4:30PM start of Warriors’)


- “Damion is definitely out.” Juan feeling better but due to protocol is out again.

- Damion injury? “Embiid stepped on his foot and he cracked a nail in his toenail and he’s been in a lot of pain…(doesn’t want it to linger) and miss more games.”

- Steph: “it looks like magic…incredible set of genes…the work ethic…:so curious…new ways to improve…stuff that wasn’t around when I was playing…neurological training…Steve Nash and Rick Celebrini…worked together on balance…putting their heads together (Rick and Steph)…seeking out new information.”

- 35 stitches for Juan? “It’s a big big gash.” [Slater made a flex here lol because he said he heard 35 stitches.]

- George Floyd question: see other article linked above

- Beal vs Steph: “We’re both playing our best basketball of the year…high level…we just lost to them ten days ago…we know what we have to do…and they do too…we would love to get this one, it would be a helluva way to finish our road trip…momentum.”

- Joshua Morris (Delaware state trooper) and his “little hype man” Rakir Allen visit by Steph in Philadelphia: “I see him doing this all the time, some of it is publicized, some of it is not…he’s just a wonderful human being…use that power for good…that moment came at the same time…and he saw an opportunity to connect…what a beautiful gesture…it’s important that we recognize everybody out there who’s trying to do something positive.”

- Political question: (see other article)

- Political question: (see other article)

- Political question: (see other article)

Kerith - revenge for Wizards: “we’re actually in the best place we’ve been emotionally, spiritually, so this is not like we’re coming here saying we want to get revenge.”