Welp. Not this time (again)

You can't always get what you want. Warriors dropped by Hawks, 111-117

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the Golden State Warriors lost a game tonight because they couldn’t score, and gave up a bunch of fouls. It’s a recurrent theme for a team that has struggled with fouling and consistency all season, but even as a moral victory, this one felt hollow.

That’s an 0-3 road trip. The Warriors will now get a day off before hosting the Milwaukee Bucks in San Francisco.

The Warriors coughed up 38 points (while only scoring 29) in the 4th. They were in it, but if close counted, I’d probably be considered a much better golfer.

Here’s the box score

The issues are all familiar by now:

-Golden State fouled way too much. Atlanta wins the free throw battle with a hefty 45-21 advantage.

-Wiseman development is still an issue. I don’t know if it’s that they try to hard to force feed him, or if Wiseman legitimately gums up the offense, but it was a bad night. Wiseman scored eight points in eight minutes to open the first quarter, and then sat all the way through until after halftime:

The Warriors made it much more respectable. But I’m not sure how much that counts for. This is an extended tail spin now, and the Warriors trajectory is headed in the wrong direction as the season winds down. Just 18 games left (I believe) and it feels like the team has more questions than answers.

Oh well.

A valiant effort, on to the next!