Wiggins' 29 points aren't enough; Warriors fall 124-108 to Hawks

This was another tough learning experience for a GSW team without Curry and Thompson.

Another night, another Splash Bros-less Warriors team takes a butt whupping. This time it came 124-108 at the hands of the young hungry Atlanta Hawks.

Here are some lively comments from our gamethread mixed with some choice tweets:

The Sword Of The Morning: Who knew Steph was the glue that held us together defensively as well lol.

ServantOfLuna: Curry playing = lots of joy

Curry not playing = everyone is sad and miserable

Please come back soon, Curry.

Juicy Jay: I really think the NBA is heavily invested in residual anti-warrior schadenfreude, we keep getting thrown in these national TV games with skeleton crews and getting extra choked out by the refs like the damn Washington Generals of the NBA

belilaugh: Wiggins has been amazing in this one

Captain Jack: It's time like these that makes the contending years so sweet. Hang tough in there folks

rcknfn: So how do we get KO and Wiggs good on O in the same game? It's like they have mojo timeshare.

Alex: It's kinda crazy at this point. Maybe they're both being controlled by one kid in 2k?

Sleepy Freud: Zero sum Jayhawks.

OGG Gurl: Somebody talk me off the ledge please