Why LetsGoWarriors?

NBA media is fun, but social media in the Year 2021 sure is hard to sort through! Is that Kawhi-in-a-Warriors-jersey (or fill-in-the-blank trending tweet or IG post) meme you just saw on Twitter actual information? What part of that is just entertainment? Was that report you saw on Bleacher Report or some other aggregator accurate and credible?

LetsGoWarriors (“LGW”) will help you sort through that, with our behind-the-scenes, credentialed access to the Golden State Warriors. Subscribe to get full access to our private Discord, the newsletter and website. Never miss an update!

For now, this site is free. Soon, we will activate paid subscriptions probably at the standard Substack rate of $5/mo. The full experience of LetsGoWarriors is brought to you on three platforms:

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Who is LetsGoWarriors?

Poor Man’s Commish has been a season-credentialed Warriors reporter since 2013 when he founded LGW. During non-pandemic times, he is at nearly every team practice, morning shootaround, and pregame & postgame press conference, both at home at Chase Center and on road trips. He is also credentialed with USA Basketball.

Rebecca and Gabe are your erudite LGW thought and discussion leaders for the communities on our three platforms, covering the whole spectrum from exuding positivity when cheering for the home team, to offering constructive criticism backed by experience and a thorough understanding of analytics.

NOTE: DubNationHQ used to be known as LGW’s website. We are a separate entity from them.

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Founder of @LetsGoWarriors. Commish of 125-team @dreamleague (same drama as NBA!). Credentialed w Team USA, Warriors, NBA. Former Silicon Valley angel/VC. Email: rich@letsgowarriors.com
I’m an Oakland based longtime Warriors fan, currently teaching middle school across the bridge.
Florida-> NYC, Student at NYU, Hoops & Scoops podcast, with LGW since 2016
NBA Draft Analyst | Oakland native| KAΨ kappa man | MBA & MA in Cyber security | Warriors fan since 1981 | University of Maryland at College Park alum
LGW basketball writer