Oubre to Charlotte for two years and $26M now official, with no sign-and-trade, meaning he walks and GSW gets nothing in return.

I posted this on our Discord: “Oubre seems like a guy who has that ‘dead set’ or ‘ride or die’ approach, which is in contrast to a true businessman like Iguodala (or waffler like DeAndre Jordan lol). Part of that goes something like this: sure, Bob can try to offer more to keep him, but Oubre has read the tea leaves and would rather just go with the team that truly wants him, no matter how much extra millions they offer. You kinda get that vibe sometimes with certain guys in the NBA.

Bottom line: we may never get the exact details, but Bob and Joe may have tried their darnedest to keep the Oubre salary slot, yet to no avail.”

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What to do with Oubre? It's way above my pay grade to understand all the ramifications financially. Warriors will figure it out. Meanwhile........................Summer League! Can't wait to see our new blood on the floor.

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I appreciate this article breaking things down regarding the Oubre situation, which probably takes on more and more importance with every FA signing we miss out on.

I have one question about it though, and regarding this part: “By the February deadline, you can trade Oubre for peanuts — or a combination of whomever with a salary that does not necessarily match — to any team that has an existing TPE to make up the difference, which would create a TPE for Golden State. This is if Myers is unhappy with the value in the player-to-be-acquired in any Oubre-for-player scenario.”

My question is, if we want to trade him in February, I’m assuming it’s because he’s not playing great for us—so couldn’t Oubre in that case be someone other teams might not want at that point either, given that he’d also be on a fairly big contract?

I feel like we should get something in return if he’s not signing with us before the season, so a sign and trade I think would be good, but if we sign him to keep him, we gotta make sure it’s not at a price-point that risks being an albatross too right? I’m wondering if your theoretical 20 mill per year contract would be considered that if he stays but just ends up never working out for us.

Anyway, thanks again for this article; it’s definitely food for thought!

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If SAS does have interest, SAS cap space and good relationship between SAS & GSW organizations bodes well for securing a TPE for GSW. Of course, SAS would be compensated with something for the assist. Some forget the Chriss trade. Both SAS & GSW benefited financially from the Tax savings GSW got from shedding his salary. After bouncing around the league, Oubre may desire to be closer home, so SAS makes a lot of sense from both sides.

The best outcome is getting a TPE and holding it until the trade deadline and using it if a sure fire Championship level piece comes on the market (and the Warriors finally know what their team looks like and what their team needs are).

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Nobody wants oubre.. thats why u see reports of him attaching himself to teams

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