Sorry, but this is very insulting to me:

"Now, some of you have been the way you are since your brain started recording your environment since ages 2 through about 12, so I don’t hold your inability to stop the addiction to certain judgmental behaviors — which are all really just hormones of survival in an ever-increasing dog-eat-dog society — against you, but I will exit the room or block out as necessary any overly Sith Lord-like negativity. "

Sure you have your view of the team with access to games, practices, press conferences, etc. that many (most) of us don't have. But to make this kind of statement seems way out of line.

Some fans have their own observations and while you may disagree, or feel they are overly critical why do you to have to attack their brain, hormones etc.?

With all of your "knowledge and understanding" of the team you should be able to use this platform to counter any points of view that are not worthy with reasoned and exampled arguments..

To attack sports fans commentary in this "superior (holier?) than thou" way loses all credibility you may have for your maybe insider perspective and knowledge.

I probably agree with most of what you have been writing about the Ws this season. But this attitude that you address any non-agreement you perceive is unwarranted in my opinion.

If you want people to see your perspective, and give credence to your points about this season with respect, shouldn't you allow those who might read what you offer the same... or even more respect?

Reading this kind of diatribe makes it hard for me to want to continue paying for your insights, even though at the start of this season I thought I could contribute. You write you're not in it for the money, so maybe you don't care... but as a Warriors fan I feel you should give other fans the benefit of what they may feel without needing to hold over them how much you are privileged with your position.

Shame on you!

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Thanks for sharing the Kerr-Tolbert conversation about Brandin Podziemskis's hook shot. I had not seen that before. What do you think about BP's hook ?

Personally I like hook shots and think they can be useful to an individual's offensive reptoire.

I would agree with Steve Kerr that young players need time to work out the best ways to attack and score inside. If Podziemski can realize how and when to use his hook all the better for him.

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