I guess I'm one of those you dismissively refer to as "casuals". So what's your point here; the Warriors should build their future around Anthony Lamb because as a 24 yo his help defense and rotations are more mature than the high-ceiling younger players?

All season we've been hearing the problem with the Warriors is the "2nd unit". Well Wiseman wasn't part of the 2nd unit, nor was Moody, Rollins, or Baldwin. Kuminga gets injury replacement minutes and little more. So who was a fundamental part of the under-performing 2nd unit? Oh yeah Anthony Lamb.

I posted on GSM about how the media would eventually paper over the fact that the Warriors are pushing all their chips in on the core 3 and trot out mirriad rationals and fluff pieces until Goebels Klopher deleted my post but right on cue, Kawakami posts a screed about how now it PBJ who is the future of the franchise because he's looked good hitting some garbage time 3's and now this nonsense about Anthony freaking Lamb. Yeah let's build around him, that won't be a ticket back to the orange jersey days. Maybe Mookie Blaylock is ready to come out of retirement.

Everyone should brace themselves for the basketball equivalent of another Rolling Stones nostalgia tour.

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Lamb is a rapist. So disappointed that the old boys' network has closed ranks. Kinda makes a mockery of Dubs commitment to "women's empowerment, " eh?

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