Moses Moody Draft profile: “perfect fit”?

Coach Musselman taught him NBA game

Moses Moody had dinner and a workout with the Golden State Warriors this past Thursday, July 15, 2021. Takeaways: he posted an IG story from the locker room, clearly really likes the franchise, and called the team’s style a “perfect fit” for him.

The video above is clickable and has him quoting Bruce Lee, describing Moody’s defense as “be like water”. “Just a kid from Little Rock,” he also learned a lot from his coach at Arkansas, Eric Musselman, who once also coached the Warriors during the Chris Cohan era.

Finally, Moody is a client of Klutch, the same agency that represents Draymond Green, and he got to meet Green and Rich Paul recently, where Dray told him to “keep the main thing the main thing.”

Dulow’s Draft profile

Strengths: Potential 3&D wing. Has a nice shooting stroke. Was in the NCAA top 98% of pick-and-roll shooting, per Synergy. Shooting splits of 36% from three and 81% from the free throw line indicate good shooting potential. Legit 6’6” with over 7-foot wingspan. Well-built at 220 lbs. Has an NBA wing guard/forward body, and playing strength from Day One. 

Defensively really gets after it, slides his feet well. Uses length very well on close-outs. Plays hard and never shies from contact. Routinely dives after loose balls. Grit fires up teammates. 

Weaknesses: Elongated release on jumper might be exploited against NBA defenders. Only an average athlete, won't beat many NBA wings off the dribble or finish over the top of good NBA rim-protectors. While solid in both areas, not a dynamic ball-handler or passer. Might never be a “go-to scorer” like some NBA wings due to his below-the-rim style. 

Warriors fit: Would fit right into the rotation and contribute as a 3&D wing. Physical style and length make him an attractive piece that will hold his own in second-team minutes. Has a lower ceiling, but is almost guaranteed to be a solid rotation and eventual starting-caliber player in his career arc. Most likely will never be an All-Star, but will be a solid pro who the team can count on to bring physical defense and hit open threes.

Gabe’s take

I really love Moody, and he’s really high on my personal board. Moody should be on the Warriors’ shortlist in consideration for the 7th pick, and a lock for 14 if he drops.

He is among the best off-ball guys in this draft and with his shooting & length, he projects as a player whose floor is a prototypical 3&D type. That should make him an easy fit onto any team and definitely the Warriors.

I do believe he shows some potential to work in the midrange, and has flashes as a solid passer. If he can develop more of a handle, he could be a Mikal Bridges type of player (or better) that every good team needs.

Moody can be a good balance between the competing impulses to find a rookie who can contribute immediately versus a high upside project, as he is a young prospect at only 19.2 years old, but with the skills that should translate quickly into being a useful rotation player.

Hopefully, if we take him, he would continue to develop into something more, but his floor is high. Remember Klay Thompson’s handles when he started?

Poor Man’s Commish’s (simple) take

I love Moody’s wingspan, which elevates him to “wing” status. I’m not thrilled about his limited ceiling as a 7th pick, though. But I do love his enthusiasm as shown in his IG story and the Q&A for envisioning himself a Golden State Warrior.