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Consistent with my view. He is my preferred choice at #7 unless something bizarre occurs at 1-6. If Kuminga slipped to #7, I would try to swap back and get some value in return (a late FRP, early SRP, Oubre S&T for some combo of players, picks & TPE, etc.). Any pick 8-13 along with out #14 can yield us two good players. If any of the Top 6 EXCEPT Kuminga slipped to #7, that's who I'd take.

Moody is an absolute no-brainer if he somehow falls to #14. He's a good balance of floor and ceiling, good system fit, good roster fit.

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He's becoming a favorite of mine (not that it matters!) Thanks for the information.

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I'm surprised that no one asked him if this might have been the inspiration for his name:


(I mean, sure, the Israelites really pissed him off, but smashing the tablets given to you by GOD? Talk about MOODY!)

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Here is a different take on Moody....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hjotLkFvpM

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i like this guy's vids

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I don’t have time yet to check out all 12:46 of that video. What was the different take? Seemed like a Dulow nailed it in the first few minutes.

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yeah i don't think it's a contrary take, just reinforcement with evidence. that guy also promoted the idea of GSW looking hard at Moody at 7

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My problem is I’m suddenly enticed by upside and am starting to see why Jalen Johnson (stopped playing in Feb) and Kai Jones (came off the bench) weren’t touted early on by the Draft boards. Dulow has Johnson in his Top 5, which suggests that Kuminga could fall past Barnes to 7, and I’m not about to toss a guy (Kuminga) who has been a Top 5 on most boards aside suddenly for Moody who is a solid pick. So, suddenly we have more names in play and I’m more apt to lean to upside at No. 7 as I’m just not totally bought in to the literalism of the “win now” philosophy as explained in https://www.letsgowarriors.com/p/erudite-warrior-davion-mitchell-debate

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Yeah I agree, but I think Moody has more upside than he's getting credit for, and I don't really see the All-Star potential for any of the other guys being mentioned. Of course every year All-Stars appear that we didn't expect, so I'm sure I'm wrong about someone. If Kuminga is there, we have to take him though.

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Floor and Ceiling's breakdown on Kuminga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq4qy4o5vW0&t=58s

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He is not gung ho on Moody. Cautiously optimistic and gives you Moody's weaknesses and areas of concern along with his strengths. Moody is not my first choice, but I think the Dubs can figure out if they should take him or not at #7. If so, I'll look forward to seeing him.

Definitely check out F&C's Kuminga video. Real questions about his game. Warriors should not get sucked into the hype surrounding any player. Lots to choose from at #7. Need and best player should be the criteria for this pick. #14 should be upside.

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Thank you, sir. You're the first person that has stated my view of Kuminga. In other words, proceed with caution. While he could become the superstar as advertised, there is ample evidence that he could be another lottery flop. So....proceed with caution.

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I guess they threw caution to the wind........................

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To put some perspective on the draft, let's recall where are our favorite Warriors were drafted and put to rest the idea that super talent is restricted to the top 5.

Klay Thompson-#11

Draymond-2nd round #35




Jason Richardson-#5

Chris Mullin-#7

Tim Hardaway-#14

Mitch Richmond-#5

Latrell Sprewell-#24


2020 Killian Hayes-Pistons

2019 Coby White, North Carolina – Chicago Bulls

2018 Wendell Carter Jr., Duke – Chicago Bulls

2017 Lauri Markkanen, Arizona – Minnesota Timberwolves

2016 Jamal Murray, Kentucky – Denver Nuggets

2015 Emmanuel Mudiay, Guangdong Tigers – Denver Nuggets

2014 Julius Randle, Kentucky – Los Angeles Lakers

2013 Ben McLemore, Kansas – Sacramento Kings

2012 Harrison Barnes, North Carolina – Golden State Warriors

2011 Bismack Biyombo, Congo – Sacramento Kings

2010 Greg Monroe, Georgetown – Detroit Pistons


KD #2

Doncic #3

Jokic 2nd round #11

Booker #13

Giannis #15

Middleton 2nd round #9

P. George #10

Kawhi #15

Myers & Cie will have their hands full trying to pick our future stars in this draft. They could be anywhere as you can see by the above.

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