Oct 6, 2021Liked by Gabe Johnson, Poor Man's Commish

I am immediately struck by how easy it is for rookies to score do things in Summer League that makes them look better than they really are. I don't think either one will be able to play their game in the NBA unless they get consistent minutes off the bench and I don't think there is a good chance of that happening apart from injuries to our main weapons. Kuminga thrives with the ball in his hands and likes to improvise in the moment. NBA defenses are usually not going to let you in and Kuminga is not that good of a shooter to settle for 3's. This is the same thing for Moody. Other than shooting spot up 3s, his drives to the basket will be challenged and there are a lot more stronger players defending his position and it's going to take time and reps to adjust to the reality of this league.

I watched the Houston/Wizards game. Jalen Green is a starter and got a lot of time with his hands on the ball. It was not easy going for him and did not appear as a dominant stud except for his athleticism. OTOH, Keven Porter Jr was most impressive, doing just about everything including shooting 3s ala Curry and was everywhere on the court. There is a guy who is going to rise. Sengun, the 3rd center on the team had the most rebounds and was on the floor in crunch time. You can see how good he is going to be already but when you have Theis and Wood in front of you, how much time can you expect to get. Unless Kerr has a plan for our rooks, it's going to be a slog for both of them to rise off the bench apart from blowouts.

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