Trey Murphy, 3&D Draft pick: “Shooting is a premium”

Plug him in at 14?

Media availability highlights:

“Shooting is a premium. I do that at a very high level with confidence…plug me in to any offense…”


Great size for a wing forward at 6’9” with a 7’1” wingspan. Excellent stand-still shooter. 50/40/90 guy last year. 43% on threes a testament to his shooting ability. An above-average athlete who should fit right in on an NBA court. Very good defender with outstanding length and movement skills. Can switch 2-4. Fundamentally sound and understands defensive coverage. Can provide some rim protection coming from the weakside with his quickness and length. Consistently disruptive in the passing lanes.


Struggles shooting off the dribble. Doesn’t offer much self-creation and won’t be a secondary playmaker. Very limited offensive game, mostly consisting of lobs and catch-and-shoot three-pointers.

Thin and will get rag-dolled by strong wings and bigs. Will need a year in an NBA weight room to add strength and bulk. Will have trouble fighting thru screens. 

Warriors Fit:

Could fit as wing depth behind Andrew Wiggins and provide spacing with spot-up shooting. Has upside to be similar to Trevor Ariza or Reggie Bullock. Solid role player from Day One with limited upside, but bankable skills for a long career. Good basketball IQ, should help the second unit on both ends of the court.