Sitemap - 2022 - LetsGoWarriors

Kuminga: “keep up with the same legacy” as Draymond, Klay, Iguodala & Wiggins’ defense

Moody: “I always got that stay-ready mentality”

Wiseman learning how to be “up to touch”: “My rookie year, I was in a drop”

Warriors-Bulls notes, quotes & video

Klay and Looney: Tiki-taka method of Barcelona FC

Draymond’s pace & force: “sprints into every screen, DHOs are w/ speed” + more from Thibodeau

Kerr: Warriors “not right emotionally, spiritually”

Words of Wiseman; Poole says “James is going to be A-okay”

Steph Curry on “the meat of the game” as Warriors drop to 0-7 on the road

5 things Anthony Lamb did in 14 seconds to get a stop

Kerr: Poole x DiVincenzo backcourt allows Jordan not to have to “manage the team and run the point on his own”

Draymond and Kerr on Kuminga: coachable, listens, it’s a process

Warriors woes: pickup games, fouling, offense killing defense, urgency, communication, intensity, momentum

Chase to Charlotte, Klay “No Duh” to Barkley, Kuminga a 4

Iguodala: “I’ll be there when I’ll be there”, from losing to winning habits + more since Phoenix

From Barbosa 🫶 Steph Curry to Klay the “perfectionist” vs Damion Lee

Mike Brown’s cookie, Barbosa’s “wonderful spirit” + more from Kings-Warriors

Jordan Poole “gonna have a target on his back” + more from Nuggets-Warriors

Ring Night “Strength In Numbers” notes, quotes, video

Warriors notes-quotes-video dump leading up to Ring Night

Kerr, Looney, Draymond after a “normal” practice

Recap/updates: Draymond, Iguodala, Looney, Klay

Warriors training camp “competition is so high right now” + Draymond-Poole have talked

Kerr: Steph Curry helping guys heal; Baldwin “ready for it”

Kerr: Poole “about to sign a big extension hopefully”

A confident Kuminga, how Moody has all the quotes (hint: “Pops”) and some leak talk

Draymond: Poole altercation notes & quotes

Draymond/Poole altercation (+Gui Santos update!) notes & quotes

A Jay-Z Day: Iguodala’s NBA Business-Man seminar, DiVincenzo’s fit, Kerr: Looney “crucial” 🗣🔊

Warriors Media Day: Steph Curry responds to Giannis, Klay, Draymond, Wiseman + more

Warriors first practice: Kerr, Looney, DiVincenzo, dunks

Myers season kickoff: “we want all those guys” (Poole/Wiggins/Draymond/Klay)

Kerr season kickoff: Iguodala, Wiseman, Steph Curry, Klay, zig-zag of NBA’s tall teams

Kerr: “Trying to repeat is actually really fun” + summer recap

JaMychal Green 3P% drop due to jammed wrist

Vegas Summer League: Wiseman, Kuminga, Gui Santos, Jama Mahlalela quote dump

Kuminga in FIBA Africas; Baldwin, Rollins, Wiseman out for California Classic

Free agency; intrigue of Klutch, Draymond & Juan Toscano-Anderson; Brunson comp for Poole?

Myers drops hints on free agency while detailing Draft picks Baldwin, Rollins, Santos

Myers quotes + 28th pick of 2022 NBA Draft: Christie? Watson? Brown?

NBA Draft 28th pick profiles: Kessler, Hardy, Eason, Procida, Kamagate, Dieng

Who wants to come back? Warriors quotes from exit interviews

Quote dump from Warriors-Celtics Game 4

Will Jonathan Kuminga play? How about start?

Warriors quote dump from Media Day in Boston before G3

Warriors-Celtics G2 pregame: Gary Payton II anticipation

4 adjustments for Warriors Game 2 after nit-picking everything they did wrong in G1

Quote dump from Warriors-Celtics practice before G2: Gary Payton II “ready to go”?

Kerr pregame: “can’t get tired of my voice if I keep my mouth shut”

NBA Finals Media Day Notes & Quotes Dump

Lacob’s ringing endorsement of Myers & Kerr: “Trust them”

Iguodala, donuts & street names with Looney and Jordan Poole (+Kerr)

Warriors-Mavs Game 5 pregame: Otto out, Kerr on what to do about gun violence; Kidd doubles down on Dubs defense quip

Warriors-Mavs G4 shootaround: GP2 righty workout, Otto out; Kerr, Looney, Kidd, Bullock

Warriors-Mavs off-day before G4: Kidd, Kerr, Curry & Poole

Warriors-Mavs shootaround G3: Wiggins, Moody, GP2

Kerr: “giddy”; Otto 100%; Draymond: “live this/feel it/breathe it”

Erudite Warrior: Will Moses Moody play?

Yellow shirts are back! #WeBelieve’s founder chimes in

Warriors & Mavs practices: Otto, Klay, Luka, Kidd, GP2 sighting, JTA dancing + more

Stephen Curry on Wiggins: “We just want him to yell, get a tech one time”

Kerr on Otto, Mavs, Kuminga, Draymond, Wiggins, Brunson

Gary Payton II: “no bad blood” w/ Dillon Brooks, “it’s playoff basketball”

Kerr back from COVID protocols

Warriors-Grizzlies shootaround notes & quotes before G6

Warriors-Grizzlies shootaround notes & quotes before G4

Warriors-Grizzlies practice/shootaround notes & quotes before G2

Mega-Recap for Warriors-Grizzlies G1 + notes & quotes

Kerr, Stephen Curry, Taylor Jenkins notes & quotes, day before Warriors-Grizzlies G1

Warriors’ game plan for Jokic

Stephen Curry update, scrimmage Thursday, “a lot to unpack” vs Jokic

Kerr on Draymond: “He’s the guy who represents our pace”

Stephen Curry on Klay, Tiger, LeBron, Monta, Poole, Keith Smart & Brandon Payne

Klay, bandwagon fans, and positivity

The “generous” side of Draymond

Klay: “Jordan (Poole) is gonna be such a huge piece to this run we’re about to make”

Kerr: “When the playoffs come, all bets are off”

Stephen Curry’s motto: “love the journey and good things happen”

Draymond “nostalgic” on Poole off-ball movement a la Curry, credits Kerr + MORE

Stephen Curry in the pool treadmill; Draymond self-criticism + more

With confidence & love, Wiggins believes

Iguodala to play 15-17 minutes and why fans shouldn’t be mad at what Kerr says in interviews

“So many different moving parts” but capable of a playoff run

Iguodala scrimmaged but still listed as out; “find a formula”

Iguodala, Wiseman, Draymond x Scottie Pippen, Damion Lee, new starters

Wiggins x Kuminga dynamics (Miami postgame transcripts +more)

Warriors in Miami: behind-the-scenes with Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt (and Coach K in SF)

Kerr & Spoelstra pregame: Jordan Poole, Draymond / Adebayo, Warriors’ defense 27th

Gary Payton II will play at Orlando: “He need me, he got me”; Klay b2b?

Popovich empathizes with Ukraine, calls out “lickspittles” of Putin (Cruz/Crowley)

Warriors-Spurs pregame: Draymond starts, will plus up to 28 minutes

Wiseman deserves better, Poole chillin’ and Moody ready + more from Warriors practice

“To be Klay” and more from Warriors practice

Warriors-Celtics postgame: Poole; Marcus Smart dirty play? + more

Warriors-Celtics pregame: defense, Wiggins & Bjelica out (non-COVID)

Quotables from the return of Steph, Klay and Dray

Draymond off the bench, Kuminga starts, Iguodala update

Draymond back on Day 1,005; morning shootaround

Wiseman scouting report from 1st G League game

Warriors-Bucks: Kerr pregame notes & quotes

How Draymond has Looney’s back on defense and more

Moody: “Klay’s been the blueprint”

Draymond’s impact using Magic Johnson and Doctor Strange as simple metaphors

Klay & Draymond join Wiseman in Dallas

Will Wiseman play in G League and when?

Draymond practices, “ready for contact today” but following Celebrini’s lead

Kuminga now anticipating rather than just reacting

All-Stars react to Stephen Curry’s 16 threes, 50 points & MVP award: LeBron, Giannis, Embiid, LaMelo

Warriors issues + NBA trade deadline from Utah back home vs Knicks (Notes & Quotes)

Best Shooter of the Day champions belt, a Treatment for a Sitcom

Draymond on Kuminga: “super-special because he listens”

Entertaining Iguodala interview: Evan Turner reference + that trademark Andre cynicism

Notes & Quotes: Wiggins the All-Star; Steph & Klay; Iguodala; Warrior Basketball

Warriors-Jazz pregame: Klay OUT + other details

Stephen Curry buzzer-beater influenced by Otto Porter & Kerr

Kuminga humility and advice from an unlikely source

Why Kuminga will start vs Pistons, home stand topics coming back from road trip

Kuminga carries chess & checkers box for Klay + more of what we learned about the Warriors from Minnesota

Kuminga 25-piece: what they said

Warriors in Chicago: Klay (DNP) workout/autographs; Wiggins says Kuminga is “strong as sh_t” +MORE

Giannis and Stephen Curry: loving the process

Klay interviews: the gift that keeps on giving

#KlayDay mega-recap: Klay’s return among DubNation

Klay celebration raffle/giveaway!

Is Klay really gonna go rebound during Warriors warmups for 3 more games?

Warriors-Jazz postgame interview thread: Stephen Curry 28-piece, Iguodala 12-7-8

A Q-uiet Stephen Curry workout (at last!) — sights & sounds

Klay speaks! And more (Kerr/Poole); mega-recap of Warriors Practice II in Denver