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Klay 3PP in losses: 26.1%, Curry: “we’re way better” with Draymond

Steph Curry keeps NBA coaches “on edge” which is why the Warriors are all-in on SplashBrothers “avalanche”

Kuminga played the best on Xmas + Podziemski: Warriors only looking for 3s or forcing shots late

Why Steph Curry tried to make Chris Paul a “prophet” + more

Kerr: Looney “hasn’t been able to get in a rhythm” + tons of other topics heading into Poole’s return

CP3 on Trayce Jr.’s screens “so I can snake and now you get a lob” vs for Steph Curry 3s

Wiggins’ “doghouse”, the “moxie” of Klay & Steph Curry, and more

Kerr, Steph Curry, Klay, Podziemski transcripts from Warriors-Nets

Dunleavy injects confidence, positivity into Warriors outlook, Draymond suspension

Draymond suspension’s roster implications per Bobby Marks

Warriors timing off, opponents flopping on screens

Kerr mentions Tom Chambers when describing how “everybody wants results right away” — only he can do that

Kerr’s “blueprint” and Klay’s “wholehearted” belief

Klay frustration + Podziemski bonus insider info for subscribers

Draymond: not the “savior” for lulls, turnovers, lack of defensive communication

Spurs the elixir for Kuminga break-out game?

NFL zone coverage solves Holmgren/Markannen SLOB 3 buzzer-beater, Kerr/Wiggins become irrelevant

Warriors identity crisis: “We’re walking the ball up the floor,” says Kerr

You don’t hate Draymond, you hate where he’s from

Timberwolves show more respect for Warriors’ system than casuals

Warriors’ starters taking turns making mistakes at inopportune times

Klay: “as long as I shoot efficiently”; Kerr, Moody, GP2 from practice

Kuminga per-36, Steph Curry schemed on by Malone, give Wiggins the benefit of the doubt + more

Detroit: Kerr, Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Draymond, Saric, Jarrett Jack, Saginaw, starters’ defense

Steph Curry going at 4 seconds at OKC shows he was playing chess

93 reasons why Steph Curry doesn’t think this start is as good as 2015-16

Chris Paul hoopin’ off the bench, “we won”; Draymond said he “killed the lead”

Warriors’ tentacled attack will only get better with Draymond back

Klay learned the post-up strips from Iguodala, Saric ready for “We are Warriors” swagger

“Work-in-progress Warriors” until Draymond gets back

Warriors transcripts: Chris Paul, Kerr, Looney

Warriors/Suns practice: Draymond, Klay, Kerr, Durant, Vogel transcripts

Kerr on the turnovers, defense; Popovich the Entertainer, humility of Wembanyama, Iguodala flowers

GP2 five-hour naps, Iguodala the VC, Saric, Kuminga, Kerr, TJD, CP3, Steph Andre Klay ⛳️, Javonte Green, GRIII

Kerr on multi-sport players, Curry x CP3 “basketball junkies”, Moody, Devin Haney, GP2, Marciulionis, Ayesha, Kuminga

Kuminga’s FTs, Quinones on earning Kerr’s trust, CP3 x dominoes, Podziemski, Myers, Wiggins, Richardson, Robinson

Rudy Gay giving Trayce Jackson-Davis advice + mega-digest

Steph Curry details fit with Chris Paul: “he connects a lot of different lineups”

Klay boat ride, Saric violent cuts, Lakers pregame + more

Podziemski: “Just Stephen Curry. That’s it… Goes in every time”

Livingston, Bjelica, Myers, Gui, Lamb, Jessup, Wiggins, Steph, GP2, Kerr, Looney

Is CP3’s “it’s just basketball” the new “it’s huge”? + music, Mike Brown, Klay’s dad Mychal, Lakers

Kuminga, McGruder, Sprewell, Lacob/WNBA, Embiid, pinnies, ATO’s

Klay x Zaza, CP3 + Steph Curry dunks, Wiggins, Moody

Training camp CP3 x Steph Curry workout; Jumbotron; San Quentin; GP2; defense; Poole

Media Day Recap: “asshole” CP3, Saric-Curry DHO, Kuminga grew? + more

Draymond ankle injury details via Charlie/Dopymond: partially torn ligaments, on crutches

Training camp: Passing on Dwight may not have been about Howard

Steph Curry golf bag raises $50k + more from charity work and Olympics speculation

Drake brings Warriors old and new back to Chase Center

Steph Curry: “the mental warfare you go through…speak positivity into yourself” from ACC win at 18th

Photo Gallery: Steph Curry win at ACC, hole-in-one + Seth, Dell, Andre Iguodala

Easy for hoopers to root for Kendric Davis, who shunned Ja Morant, Desmond Bane & the Grizzlies for the Warriors

Poole-Paul pivot: will Warriors draft Nick Smith or Jordan Hawkins?

Why the Warriors should trade down to draft Trayce Jackson-Davis

Dunleavy, the multi-verse Myers: "We love our roster"

Bob “The Wolf” Myers: crisis management expert, circa 2014

GP2: “I’m sure this is not the worst (Wiggins) has gone through”

“I always believe we’re gonna win every series”

Should Warriors fans just root for the wall?

Courtside: Draymond’s will versus Anthony Davis, countering top-blocking + more

Wiggins: Looney “a do-it-all guy”, supports him shooting 3s

Draymond’s self-assessment for Game 1: “That’s on me… F—ing disgusting”

A vocal and non-turnover-prone Steph Curry? GOAT status!

Steph Curry: “You don’t have to overthink it” (we’ll do so anyways)

Iguodala mentoring Kuminga, also shooting at practice

“Draymond Rules” and Moses Moody’s development

Are too many refs the main problem with NBA officiating?

Worried? Try Klay’s way

Evidence Wiggins “looks good”; Looney/Bogut lineage

Klay says he’ll visit China in September, probably

Do the Warriors have appropriate fear in Sacramento?

Confidence that Steph Curry can keep the group together + “faith in ourselves”

GP2 does “little things you can trust”

Jonathan Kuminga “explored the offense a little bit”

Klay: “it’s basketball man, it’s hard”; Poole praise from Ant Edwards + more

Kuminga the fence-bender, key stops, locked in at Dallas + more

Klay on Steph Curry making magic, reminiscing on #KlayDay, common humans, the almighty dollar, soft spots + more!

Warriors’ focus level might always be “pathetic” vs cellar-dwellers

Can Jonathan Kuminga “change everything”?

Iguodala, Wiggins, SplashBrothers (paper airplane podium), Gilbert Arenas, Team USA + more

GP2 target scrimmage date, Warriors off-day (team pic!), Steph Curry greatness from courtside

Warriors need Wiggs, not bigs

“Golden State…best rim protection team in the league” — ? 👀 🤔 ✅

Poole: Wiggins “knows we all have his back”

Donte DiVincenzo’s hype to Jordan Poole: “He can’t guard you”

Kerr: Lamb “would’ve been a Don Nelson favorite”

Looney says no to rest + why Jordan Poole’s like the Cheesecake Factory

Klay: “I’ve got to lead. I’ve got to use my voice” (is music to my ears especially with Steph Curry out)

Post-break goals w/o Steph Curry: “Play damn good defense” with “energy and effort”

James Wiseman’s “clean opportunity”; DubNation’s farewell

Myers on buyout market: “We hope that we have enough”

DubNation says keep Gary Payton II

Kerr: defensive “shell was compromised constantly”

Trade deadline: Lacob mandate of “does it make us better?” should work in reverse too (fyi works for Bojan Bogdanovic)

Kerr on Steph Curry injury: “no point in being too up or too down”

Insider: What Steph Curry thinks his knee or lower leg injury might be

“Rocket screens” = Steph Curry relocation threes

Why it’s hard to play Wiseman right now

Giddey says Draymond is “so under-appreciated”

Warriors shooters, speed: “Nobody else has that when they’re rolling”

“Draymond called the play and we hadn’t practiced it in a couple months”

Wiggins sniffling on podium, Kerr on gun safety, confidence of Kuminga & Wiseman

Steph Curry at Sundance for Underrated: “Embrace the talent and the God-given gifts we’ve been given, everybody has that”

Warriors’ identity crisis as told by Celtics and Cavs

Kerr: “We’re not good enough right now” to talk about a Finals rematch vs Celtics

Warriors at White House: adventures, video, notes & quotes

Klay: “Just get us there healthy in one piece, hopefully with a decent seed”

Donte DiVincenzo: “When that ball’s popping…we’re getting any look we want”

Steph Curry: “It can swing the other way very quickly”

Steph Curry: “eventually you’ve got to do it or time runs out”; evoking mortality of dynasty

Steph Curry returns vs Suns, the NBA injury report + more

Iguodala returns, scoffs at “basketball experts, once you start winning championships?”

Draymond: Poole not committing “deadly turnovers” when “getting caught in a crowd”

Patrick Baldwin, Jr. on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches: “I never liked the texture”